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Murphy Plush Toy Pit Bull

Murphy is a plush pit bull toy from CharlieDog and Friends. His Super-softness was inspired by a real-life pit bull rescue named Murphy, who now spends his time as therapy dog in a hospital in Virginia.

Hi there!

CharlieDog and Friends is up and running over on

We’re crazy about animal rescue causes, misunderstood breeds, people working their tails off on weekends and evenings to find homes for abandoned and homeless pets.

And CharlieDogs is our little part of the solution.

Here, you can see our unique representations of real-life animal rescues, fosters, and adoptions.  We’re raising money to help rescues that are just getting by, and smaller shelters that rely on donations from so many different sources (we’re just one of them).

We have just about the only “Pocket Pitties” to be plushified, and go on to make donations to some really special animal rescues and causes.  We donate five dollars for every 17″ plush, four dollars for every “Pocket Pittie”, and two dollars for every “Adopt” collar bracelet we sell.

And we also make a habit of sending boxes of our toys to where they can be put to good use: to classrooms and hospitals, right alongside some of the very best therapy pit bulls and former shelter dogs in the business.

Please visit us!


CharlieDog and Friends

Pocket Pitties, plush stuffed animal pit bulls

Our Pocket Pitties are plush toy pit bulls based on real-life, last minute rescues from New York Animal Care and Control. Our first seven releases complete our “Bruised Not Broken” edition, honoring and benefiting the tireless pit bull advocacy work of Bruised Not Broken, in New York City.


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