Westminster Dog Show and the Puppy Bowl: A Tale of Two Doggie Events

I’ll admit: I’m not a “plush toy” person.  By night I’m a sport photographer for The New York Times, covering all the teams in the four main sports.  I also shoot other sports stories, and one of my first assignments many years ago was to shoot the Westminster Dog Show. “Really?  That’s a sport?”, I […]

Find CharlieDog and Friends at our New Website!

Hi there! CharlieDog and Friends is up and running over on http://www.charliedogandfriends.com We’re crazy about animal rescue causes, misunderstood breeds, people working their tails off on weekends and evenings to find homes for abandoned and homeless pets. And CharlieDogs is our little part of the solution. Here, you can see our unique representations of real-life […]